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I do product research and design with Adobe. Our team develops innovation projects for the Document Cloud.

From 2012 to 2015, I ran a small consultancy designing and building things with Brief, Salesforce, the de Young Museum, and others. Before that, I did design research with Moment and designed interfaces for Location Labs. In the fall of 2013, I was in-residence at the Tokyo Innovators House, Impact Japan's incubator space.

I also helped launch Feedie, an awesome campaign that's now funded over 10 million school meals.

Personal Projects

  • N1 Stripe
    A theme hack for the Nylas N1 email client that rearranges UI layout, tidies up visuals, and adds a few subtle animations.
  • Topo
    A plugin to view Wikipedia articles as topographic maps of importance.
  • Recipient of a $10K Social Entrepreneurship Grant from the Center for Art and Public Life, Impact Skyline was an ethnographic research and service design project with Skyline High School in Oakland, CA.
  • Vannevar
    A browser plugin to aid Wikipedia reading by making it a little more linear.
  • Skim
    A plugin offering a few ways to visually trim NYT articles and maybe improve reading efficiency.
  • were attempts to see if changing a device's screen interface could change its ergonomics and evolve a "new" device.
  • Kiosk
    A thing that receives postings from the web and shouts them at passersby.
  • A pillow that pulses with a partner's heartbeat.
  • The Other End
    An IRL game using fiducial IDs to transform a corridor into an active race track.
  • Morning Data
    A prototype for a data-infused mirror.