Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Family Locator allows parents to locate their children and make sure they arrive on time to school and practices. While much of the value of SFL is tied to the peace of mind it provides regarding family safety, it's also just plain cool to see it work well; there's almost a sense of magic, even power, to getting accurate locations. Opinions of the product correlate directly with the quality of the locations.

After signing up and logging in, we learned parents promptly tried to locate their family's phones. The phones in question were often nearby (often their own phone), which is to say, users didn't want to know where the devices were so much as they wanted to test drive the application. This creates a bit of a sticky situation because the technical process of registering and adding locatable phones takes time. Immediate requests often return null or poor locations. Research suggested this moment was a key touchpoint—a bad initial location made a bad impression in terms of churn.


We were already in the process of updating the app's sign up flow so we used this data to inform that work. On the front-end, we transitioned sign up to a few small steps (rather than one big step) making for a friendlier user experience, but also buying time for background locations to go through. Further, we added a walkthrough flow that explained to users how both the app and GPS worked while again buying time. The result was a flow that improved sign up, taught the user to use the app, and improved the experience of an important touchpoint.


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