I do product research and design with Adobe. Our team is interested in how people interact with documents and more generally how folks work. Projects: Acrobat DC, next generation documents, PDF user model research, Future of Work.

Before that, I ran a tiny consultancy helping companies research, develop, and design their technologies. We did design and prototyping for early startups, design research and strategy for Adobe, interactive museum exhibits for the de Young Museum, and design systems for Salesforce. During that time, I was also the first employee at Brief, a tiny startup tackling mobile file management. I designed new methods for organizing and searching files aided by machine learning.

In the fall of 2013, I was in-residence at the Tokyo Innovator's House. I was Interaction Design Lead at Tribal, where we launched Feedie, an awesome campaign that helped fund over 10 million school meals. Out of school, I joined Location Labs, where I helped make early location-based applications.